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Zahid Khan



Mohammed Irfan Iqbal



Since june 2006

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 Alumni of 2006

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NameGraduation YearOccupationCountryPics
Abdul Samad2006Information TechnologyPakistan
Ali Abbas2006
Ammad Khan2006
Mohd Emmad Sheikh2006
Fahad Ali2006StudentPakistan
Fahad Jamal Baqai2006
Haider Abbas2006
Hasan Jamil2006StudentPakistan
Mohsin Ali Khan2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Mohsin Iqbal2006
Mohd Abdul Rehman2006
Mohammad Ahmed Rizwan2006
Mohammad Ali Zafar2006
Mohammad Bilal Nauman2006
Mohammad Bilal Saeed2006StudentPakistan
Mohd Hamza Siddiqui2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Mohd Hataf Moin2006StudentPakistan
Mohd Osama Shamim2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Mohd Ovais Saleem2006StudentPakistan
Mohammad Saad2006
Mohammad Usman2006
Mohammad Yuneeb2006
Muneeb Ahmed Khan2006Accounting/FinancePakistanPictures Available
Peeran Jamsheed Karanjia2006
Qazi Hassan2006OtherPakistan
Rafey Ahmed Siddiqui2006EngineeringPakistanPictures Available
Saad Aslam2006
Shehzad Tabish2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Syed Mehdi Raza2006
Syed Mohammad Zaid2006Accounting/FinancePakistanPictures Available
Syed Saad Ahmed2006
Abdul Wahab Salim2006
Ahsan Shahid2006
Altamash Muhammad Ali2006Chartered AccountantPakistan
Arvin Kishore Monver2006StudentPakistan
Faraz Ahmed Khan2006Chartered AccountantPakistan
Aurqan Ibrawl Hasan2006
Hammad Aziz Khan2006StudentPakistan
Muhammad Imran2006
Muhammad Ahmed Shah2006
Muhammad Ali Khan2006StudentAustralia
Muhammad Anas Shahid2006
Muhammad Asif Sheikh2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Muhammad Fawad Khansahib2006
Muhammad Kamran Waheed2006StudentPakistan
Naveed Jawed2006
Shais Memon2006Chartered AccountantPakistan
Syed Arsalan Tariq2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Syed Wajihuddin2006StudentPakistan
Syed Yasir Ahmed2006
Usman Arif2006
Zainullah Shareef2006StudentPakistan
Taimur Yousuf2006StudentPakistan
Syed Uzair Shariff2006StudentPakistan
Hafiz Wali Hassan Wasti2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Zaid Aslam2006
Bilal Khan2006
Farhan Matloob Ellahi2006
Fazlur Rehman2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Ghulam Shahbaz2006ArchitecturePakistanPictures Available
Gulrayz Ahmed2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Haiyan Qadir2006StudentPakistan
Hassan Ejaz-ul-haq2006StudentPakistan
Kazim Hussain2006StudentPakistan
Khwaza Muhammad Saquib2006
Muhammad Adil Nadeem2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Muhammad Hassan Farooq2006StudentPakistan
Muhammad Ovais Rahim2006StudentPakistan
Muhammad Uzair Khan2006
Muhammad Waqas Ashraf2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Muhammad Yousuf Memon2006
Mohammad Zeeshan Raza2006
Naresh Kumar Lalwani2006
Obaid Channa2006
Raheel Ahmed2006
Ravi Kumar Chugh2006Chartered AccountantPakistan
Sarib Bin Yasir2006
Shoaib Noor2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Sufyan Javed2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Syed Affan Zafar2006
Syed Saad Nizami2006MedicinePakistan
Syed Sohaib Nizami2006
Tahir Shoaib2006
Yashaan Zubin Mavalvala2006StudentPakistanPictures Available
Zain Zaffar2006StudentPakistan
Zaki-ullah Shareef2006EngineeringPakistanPictures Available
Zohaib Noor2006
Fazlur Rehman2006
Jasim Ahmed2006StudentUSAPictures Available
Syed Muhammad Zaid2006

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