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 Alumni of 1989

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NameGraduation YearOccupationCountryPics
Aman Ahmed1989MedicineUnited Kingdom
Rehan Rafi1989Airline & Transportation BusinessPakistanPictures Available
Syed Yasir Iqbal1989Business AdministrationPakistan
Mahmood Majeed1989Information TechnologyUSA
Amin Razzak1989Information TechnologyUSA
Yusuf Siddiqui1989EngineeringOmanPictures Available
Kashif Karimi1989Information TechnologyUSA
Shabbar Ali1989Armed ForcesPakistan
Zia Azam1989
Umair Bin Ansar1989Armed ForcesPakistan
Syed Asad Ali Qadri1989
Mohammed Shabbir Saeed1989
Mohammed Mazhar Hussain1989
Kashif Saeed Imran1989
Furqan Haroon Chotani1989
Azfar Rehman1989EntrepreneurPakistan
Amin Yousuf1989
Adnan Aziz Qureshi1989Armed ForcesPakistanPictures Available
Zulflqar Ali Hussaini Diwan1989Media & AdvertisingPakistan
Saeed Hasan Saad1989EngineeringUSA
Moiz Uddin Kermani1989EngineeringUSA
Mohammed Riaz Abedi1989Business AdministrationPakistan
Khalid Saood1989
Huzaifa Shabbir Ferozepurwala1989
Faisal Sayeed1989
Amir Rasool Paracha1989Business AdministrationUnited Arab Emirates
Agha Mohammed Zaki1989
Zahid Razzaque1989
Syed Yousuf Saeed1989Airline & Transportation BusinessPakistan
Shahid Hussain1989Accounting/FinancePakistanPictures Available
Naved Mohammed Yousuf Mohammed1989
Mohammed Saad Shaikh1989
Mohammed Ahmed1989
Imran Yousuf Jamal1989BankingPakistanPictures Available
Fakhruddin Mohammed Hussain1989
Arif Kamruddin Delawala1989
Ali Abbas Halali1989BankingPakistan
Syed Shehzad Ashraf Agha1989
Shakeel Shafi1989
Omer Talat Hussan1989
Mohammed Saadi Jameel1989
Mohammed Azim Shaikh1989Media & AdvertisingPakistan
Farhan Hashim1989
Asif Rathore1989MedicineUnited KingdomPictures Available
Akbar Abdul Sultan1989

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