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We are reaching out for your support in helping us build a primary school in one of the most impoverished areas of Karachi, Pakistan. With the help of The Citizens Foundation (TCF), the B.V.S. Alumni Association plans to build a school in Karachi for those children who would otherwise not have the opportunity for an education. This school will be dedicated to the memory of to our teacher and principal Mrs. Deena Mistri.

Mrs. Mistri dedicated 62 years of her life to the cause of education, 55 of those years were spent at the B.V.S. Parsi High School in Karachi. She started teaching in 1945 and semi-retired in 2004 from B.V.S. At the time of her death, Mrs. Mistri was Chairperson
of Westminster School and College and a consultant at The Accel School in Karachi. She worked till the week before her passing. She was 86 when she passed away.

Mrs. Mistri cared deeply for those in need, those less fortunate, and those who could not afford an education. Even at 10 years of age, she would teach the servants' children the alphabet and numbers. Throughout her career and on numerous occasions, she anonymously donated her money in order to keep a needy child in school.

How many lives did she touch? How many people in distress did she help? The numbers are bound to be in thousands for her teaching career, which ran parallel to her unannounced philanthropy and acts of kindness that spanned more than six decades. How do we learn from her example and reach out to others less fortunate, whilst honoring the memory of our dear teacher?

The B.V.S. Alumni Association think it appropriate that the campus be dedicated to her and be named the "Deena Minoo Mistri Campus".

State of Education in Pakistan

In Pakistan, only 56% of children have minimal access to formal education and the remaining will never see the inside of a school. A mere 2.4% of the country's GDP is currently being spent on education. Its effects ripple through the state education system which is crumbling.

2.3% of government primary schools have no drinking water, 41% no toilets, 56% no electricity and 7% have no building whatsoever. Teacher absenteeism is soaring and 8% of government schools are 'non-functional' which means they exist only on paper.

Sadly, 50% of children drop-out before completing primary education. This has

meant that for many people, the only chance of educating their children is to place them in informal schools which are often wholly inadequate to equip children for modern life in a civil society.

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) Pakistan

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a professionally managed Pakistani non-profit organization that provides a viable alternative to government schools and informal schooling. The charity was set up in 1995 by a group of Karachi-based businessmen who felt that disadvantaged children deserved the same opportunities that they were able to offer their own children. TCF provides heavily subsidized quality education to children in rural areas and urban slums across Pakistan.

All schools have a pay-as-you-can-afford system, where families are encouraged to make a nominal contribution towards the fees based on their means often as little as Rs. 10 per month (US$ 0.12) to encourage pride in their child's education. Each TCF school is a beautifully planned purpose-built structure with attractive courtyards, verandas, playground, classrooms, a library/ art room and washrooms with running water.

All TCF Secondary Schools are equipped with computer and science labs. English language classes are introduced in the child's first year in school. The quality of teaching is exceptionally high, partly due to the fact that TCF has its own teacher-training program where the staff receives a thorough grounding in education. As a result, TCF graduates are winning scholarships to some of the country's leading colleges.

Project Specifications: TCF Primary School

The proposed project seeks funding for a TCF Primary School to be made operational in the city of Karachi. The largest city in Pakistan, Karachi is home to sprawling urban slums. Only about 30% of the overall residents of these slums (and 16% of the women) have access to education, making a TCF Primary School an essential element of socioeconomic development in Karachi's low income communities.

Campus Configuration

If you have not visited any of the TCF schools we encourage you to do so. These are beautiful campuses. Once complete this TCF Primary School will have a covered area of approximately 6000-6500 square feet. It will follow a standard design for a single unit primary campus of 6 classrooms each with a capacity of 30 students per class. The school will also have an administrative block which includes a principal's office, an accounts assistant office and a faculty common room. The building will accommodate spacious corridors, a library/art room, a play ground and separate toilets for boys and girls, and will be equipped with other essentials such as running water and electricity.

Project Cost

The average cost for constructing and fully equipping

a one unit TCF Primary School for the 2011-12 build cycle is US$124,000 + US $52,500 for the running expenses of the school for the first three years. Total cost of the school with the exchange rate of US$: PKR 85 = Rs. One Crore 50 Lakhs (US $177,000). The first three years after establishment of the school are crucial for sustainability. In order to ensure continued running of its schools, TCF requests donors support during this critical period. Running cost is estimated to be US$ 17,500 for the first academic year and includes staff salaries, utilities, books, uniforms, faculty training and recruitment.

No donation is small. Even if you can spare Rs. 1,000, or US $100, or more - please contribute generously.

What do we need from you:

Respond to with your pledged donation, so that we can track each donation and acknowledge your contribution.

Send your cheques or bank drafts, please communicate your address & donation details. Please include a note on the check mentioning that your donation should be applied to "Deena Minoo Mistri Campus". An official receipt will be promptly mailed to you.


Check Payable to: The Citizens Foundation

Mailing Address: 7th Floor, NIC Building, Abbasi Shaheed Rd, Karachi-75530


Title of Account: The Citizens Foundation

Bank: Habib Bank AG Zurich, Main Branch, Beniyas Square, P.O Box 3306, Deira, Dubai.

Account no. (UAE Dirhams) 020101-20430-105-266861

Account no. (USD) 020101-20430-333-266861


Mailing address: International Humanitarian City, P.O. Box No. 506007, Dubai, UAE.
Fax: (00 971 4 3681097)


TCF is a registered charity in Canada, the web site is

Charitable Registration Number: 844142273RR0001. A charitable tax receipt is issued for all donations

Title of Account: The Citizen's Foundation, Canada

Bank Name: Bank of Montreal

Bank Address: 2146 Burnhamthorpe Rd. West

Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 5Z5, Canada


All donations are tax deductible. TCF USA's Federal Tax ID is: 41-2046295

Check Payable to: The Citizens Foundation, USA

Mailing Address:

1350 Remington Rd. Suite A Schaumburg, IL 60173

TCF-USA is registered as a charity under Illinois law and has tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity under Section 501 (c)(3). The audited returns of TCF-USA are posted on

You can even donate on-line:


Title of Account: Friends of the Citizens Foundation

Bank: HSBC Bank plc, Leadenhall Street Branch, London, EC3 3DB Sort No. 40-04-12. Account no. 71415255

Name of Charity Friends of the Citizens Foundation

Charities Commission no. 1087864

Mailing Address: Friends of the Citizens Foundation, 9 Camden Road, London, E11 2JP.
Telephone: 0845 230 1947.

All donations are tax deductible for UK basic and higher rate taxpayers under the Gift Aid Scheme

The Virbaijeeite Alumni Association
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