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December 26, 2004

My very dear boys,

In the past fifteen years the world has seen some dramatic changes. Technological advances in communication and media have allowed the world to get closer. But this innovation has brought about some major changes in society. Today, society and value systems have completely changed. This has created a major challenge for educational institutions and teaching at the Bai Virbaijee Soparivala Parsi High School.

The B.V.S. culture and education system over the past 55 years of my association with the school has been blessed by some of the most outstanding leadership. Starting from Mr. Pithawalla, Mr. Rustomjee, Minwalla and Mr. Divecha, all have devoted their lives in making our school what it is today.

Since 1972 when I became principal, I continued the academic syllabus and traditions left behind by these brilliant educationists. I believed in keeping a fine balance between the required educational syllabus and extracurricular activities. B.V.S. boys are known for their skills in sports. We have one of the best technical training programs in Karachi, where students are taught the basics of metal and wood work, electrical engineering and technical drawing, which opens the mind to the understanding of three-dimensional objects.

Art classes are compulsory from Class I and the school band provides another dimension of learning. We have one of the best scouting programs in Pakistan where children from Class IV are taught the basics of survival. Scouting teaches independence and takes our young children away from the comforts of home life and teaches them to live for one another under difficult circumstances. In the age of technology our young boys are exposed to computers from the age of five onwards. Laying the foundation for the next generation Computer Scientists.

My great grandfather and family built this school for children that come from all classes of society, with emphasis for allowing the poor to get the best education possible. This is one on the main reasons we still have a very modest fee structure. B.V.S. is probably the only school in Pakistan where a child from the richest family sits and learns next to some of the most needy children, who cannot even pay their school fees. Balanced education is where students are taught how to interact at all levels of society - a very important feature of the B.V.S.

Being a Parsi school with children coming from all faiths, children are taught from a very early age to respect and have tolerance for all religions. Accepting other faiths and ways of life, I believe is very crucial with the challenges we face today, all over the world.

Last but not the least B.V.S. is known for its discipline. Polished behavior and respect for elders is taught at every level and at every step we take. We have strived to provide complete, rounded education where respect and discipline is held supreme.

Using today's latest technology I am happy to launch our alumni website through this new medium using the Internet.

We are proud of our heritage and what we have been able to offer towards education since the past 145 years. I hope these traditions continue for another 150 years.We hope and pray that Virbaijeeites all over the world can fulfill their dreams and our boys can bring about a positive change, in this ever changing world.

Deena M. Mistri B.A., B.Ed., D.P. Ed.(USA), F.T. Ed.(USA)

B.V.S. Parsi High School

Mrs. Mistri launched this web-site on December 26, 2004 at her retirement function. The Virbaijeeite Alumni Association honored her for 55 years of hard work and dedication given to the B.V.S. Parsi High School and her students.


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