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Since june 2006

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 School Chronology for the 1st 100 Years

23rd May 1859 Karachi Parsi Balakshala started in Mr. Paymaster's Bungalow.
1859 - 1862 Nanabhai F. Spencer, Founder-Secy. & Treasurer.
Mobed Naurozdaru first teacher.
1862 - 1865 Seth Shapurji H. Soparivala, Hon. Secy. & Treasurer.
1863 - 1884 Jamshedji Faramji Master, as Headmaster.
Balakshala shifted on Sergeant's Bungalow (next to Saddar Agyari).
1869 Death of Bai Virbaiji Soparivala. Wife of the Founder.
1870 Balakshala shifted to Soparivala House. School renamed Parsi Virbaiji School (P.V.S.).
Seth Shapurji Soparivala donates Rs. 10,000. Presented with "Shawl of Honour". "Parsi Virbaiji School" registered and recognized.
1871 1st Grant in Aid of Rs. 95/-; 48 pupils: 36 boys, 12 girls.
1875 Parsi Virbaiji School becomes Anglo-Vernacular School.
H. E. Sir Robert Temple Governor of Bombay visited The P. V. School.
1877 Seth Shapurji awarded "Certificate of Loyalty".
1878 English learnt by 3 boys & 1 girl. 104 learnt Gujrati.
Income Rs. 1636 12 Ana's.
Expenses Rs. 1494 14 Ana's 9 Paisa's.
1885 Death of Mobed Naorozdaru. (Sethji Master)
1888 - 1899 Dinshaw P. Ghadiali as Head Master.
1895 Death of Shapurji Soparivala.
1900 Cowashah Eduljee Anklesaria as Head Master.
1904 Foundation of New School Building.
1905 Miss Shirinbai Minwala appointed.
1906 New School Building on Victoria Road opened.
1907 S. D. Contractor Hon. Joint Secy.
1915 Bye-Laws revised.
Death of Seth Khursedji S. Soparivala.
1916 Death of Pestonji B. Kotwal.
Eduljee Bejanji Kandawala Library Founded.
1918 Reorganization for Girls School.
1st April 1918 P.V.S. Bifurcates into the Boys & the "New Parsi Girls School" Mama Parsi Girls school opens.
1919 R. J. Dastur as Head Master.
Scouting Born at B.V.S.
Cowasji & Virbaiji Variwa Bhojn Founded for poor Parsi boys School Diamond Jubilee celebrated
1920 Dr. Pithawala Headmaster (1920 - 46)
Mr. Limki joins P. V. S.
Science Lab, equipped by Soparivalas.
1922 English Primary Classes started.
P.V.S. renamed Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi High School.
1923 Second Story of the main B.V.S. building raised.
1924 K.B. Contractors becomes E. I.
1926 Commercial Education. M. B. Dalal in charge.
1927 Cowasjees - Variawas's Scout Band started
1930 Burjor Choksi B. E., Wins Berkey Gold Medal.
1932 Electricity installed at the B.V.S. by Soparivalas.
Gorwala Hall Built
1934 75 years Jubilee celebrated
1935 Manual Classes Commenced. Limbuwala Class rooms and Drawing Hall built.
Junior Red Cross, St. Johns Ambulance Brigade, Scouts and Cubs, in full form.
M. B. Irani appointed technical teacher
1936 Behli S. Rustomji appointed as a teacher at the B.V.S.
1938 N. R. Wadia retires.
1940 Agricultural Scheme introduced at the school.
School Gymkhana - Gift from Cowasjee Family.
1941 Hirjee Bhai Fakeerji Cowasjee Night Bhojan.
1942 B.V.S. Wins Inter-School Athletics.
1943 B.V.S. wins Rubie Cricket Shield.
1945 B.V.S. recognized as a Technical High School.
1946 Foundation of Dadabhai Hormasji Mama Workshop.
Dr. Pithwala, retires.
Mr. B. S. H. J. Rustomji appointed Principal.
Technical classes reorganized.
1947 B.V.S. wins Jamshed Katrak Inter Parsi Cricket Shield.
1949 B.V.S. wins Junior Red Cross Cup.
Cubs win all Sind-Province Competition.
1951 Mrs. Deena Minoo Mistri joins B.V.S. school on May 19th
1954 Asia Foundation Book Gifts.
1956 Ford Foundation Gifts Machinery to Technical Hall.
1958 - 59 Book Gifted from Minneapolis USA for school Library.
1959 Centenary Functions held in school
Sui Gas installed at the school.
The Virbaijeeite Alumni Association
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