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 History of Principals

Mr. Behram A. Minwalla

Mr. Behram A. Minwalla took charge as a Principal on 1st June 1965. He collaborated with the Managing Board by pruning redundant staff and by utilizing services of competent teachers for the High School divisions. Mr. Minwalla enrolled two hundred more students and the number of classes increased to 26 and the staff strength was reduced to 39, as per the Education Code in 1965. This helped the Managing Board to turn the school from running into a deficit to a surplus system.

His internal management skills were also highly successful. He strictly enforced discipline and regularity for both staff and students. He brought the tone and outlook of the school to a

new height. Curriculums were evenly distributed every month, completing the same before exams and leaving a few days for revision.
Homework was diligently scrutinized pointing out errors and noting down remarks for weakness in Chronicles, to guide parents. Extra care brought forth not only quantitative Matric results of over 90% but also qualitative results of about 28% in First Class and about 50% in Second Class. He humbly and ungrudgingly shared and attributed the major portion of credit for such results to all the members of his staff.

The school suffered a heavy loss by his sudden death in 1967, at the start of his highly hopeful Principalship. Meteor-like he shot out of darkness suddenly, shone brilliantly and burnt up quickly. He entered the paddock as a dark horse, won the Derby and collapsed after passing the winning post. May his soul rest in peace.

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