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Mohammaed Ali A.S. Meghani



Azhar Rauf Zuberi



Since june 2006

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 Honoured Alumni

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Albert Lobo 1979

 Honoring Albert Lobo (Retd.) Detective with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department. Read more.. more

Sajjad Hussain Ebrahim 1967

Today we honour Sajjad Hussain Ebrahim - a philanthropic at heart founding many charities in Canada and in Pakistan. Read more... more 

Ardeshir Cowasjee 1941

 Today we honour the world renowned columnist Ardeshir Rustom F. Cowasjee. more

Danial Malik Noorani 1968

Today we honour the CEO and Founder of "The Citizens Foundation, USA". more 

Tanveer Akhtar Khaskheli 1972

 Today we honour the Ambassador of Pakistan to Kyrgyzstan right after graduating from B.V.S., he joined the Pakistan Army and made his way to Pakistan's Foreign Service to hold posts in Canada, Sri Lanka and Australia. more

Aamer Ali Sharieff 1960

Today we honour a National Hero who joined the Pakistan Air Force right after graduating from B.V.S. He rose to the rank of Air Vice Marshal - Pakistan Air Force and later became the Director General of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. To read more 

Irfan Abdul Aziz Essa 1981

 Today we honour a Virbaijeeite that has achieved the highest level of education from the most prestigious institutions in the world. Professor Irfan Abdul Aziz Essa Ph.D. from MIT and a Virbaijeeite. To read more

Azhar Hashmat Khan 1984

Virbaijeeites honour Azhar Hashmat Khan, Cornell and Stanford University graduate. An entrepreneur by nature, Azhar is part of two Silicon Valley startups, both very successful. From B.V.S. to Stanford, more 

Ardeshir Jehangir Sidhwa 1983

 Virbaijeeites honour Ardeshir Jehangir Sidhwa, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Senior Director at a leading Process Engineering Company in Arizona. Ardeshir holds 4 U.S. patents and has 4 others pending. He has authored and co-authored more than 60 publications in the process technology field. more

Danny Rustom Khursigara 1987

Virbaijeeites Honour Danny Rustom Khursigara - who has risen to the ranks of being one of the youngest Vice Presidents of an international bank. His success has him leading the Asia Pacific region of ABN AMRO branch in Japan. To read more 

Pervaiz Lodhie 1960

 Today we honour Pervaiz Lodhie, someone who left Pakistan for higher studies over 39 years ago. We follow his trail from B.V.S. to his successful business in the US. Let's explore his journey through life and honour his leadership and accomplishments. more

Arjumand Azhar Hussain 1972

Today we honour Arjumand Hussain whose picture is probably pasted on more billboards all over Pakistan than President Pervez Musharraf. Who is this man and how is he connected to the B.V.S. Parsi High School. Let’s explore his journey through life and honour his talents. more 

Ahmed Hussain Kapadia 1978

 This month we honour Ahmed Hussain Kapadia who created his own advertising company from a very humble beginning. Read about Ahmed's early life and how the B.V.S. Parsi High School gave him the foundation for success. Turn your speakers on and wait for the page to load. more

Bilal Maqsood 1987

Today we honour Bilal Maqsood a product of the B.V.S. Parsi High School for excelling in the field of music, which is heard all over the world. The dynamic duo of the sensational Pakistani band, "Strings" has rocked the sub-continent's music world since the release of their album, Duur in 2001. more 

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