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 Founders History


The family traditions of service were held aloft by his nephew Seth Edulji, the eldest son of Seth Khurshedji. For thirty years Seth Edulji in his quit unassuming manner served the school committee first as member, and then for the last fourteen years as its Chairman. He in his gentle wisdom tried to calm the many storms that faced the school management and guided the destinies of the small Balakshala to its present position of pride in educational institutions of Pakistan.

On his death on Thursday, 8th February 1945 the community was present in great numbers to pay their last homage to this noble soul of the Soparivala Family. His death was recorded in the minutes of the school:


Seth Edulji K. Soparivala

  "A worthy son of a worthy father, the late Seth Kurshedji, and a scion of the noble Soparivala family, Seth Edulji gave his best to the school founded by his benevolent grandfather Seth Shapurji in the holy name of Bai Virbaiji…… Seth Edulji served the Managing Committee of the school for well nigh thirty years, and for the last fourteen years he also presided over the affairs of the school, working always assiduously for its good and its progress. The loss of the school by his death is therefore irreparable. It has removed from the life of the School as well as the community a very humble, sympathetic and helpful hand and so we pray to Ahura Mazda, that his soul may rest peacefully in Garonmana….."  
The Virbaijeeite Alumni Association
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