Mrs. Deena Mistri

Mrs. Mistri served the B.V.S. Parsi School for over 55 years, teaching three generations – grandfather, father and son. She took partial retirement at the age of 79. She was re-employed by two other schools from 2004-2011. At the time of her death, Deena was Chairperson of Westminster School and College and a consultant at The Accel School in Karachi. She worked till the week before her passing.

On January 27th, 2011 – Mrs. Mistri breathed her last at OMI Hospital in Karachi. She was hospitalized a week before with difficulty in breathing. She was looking forward in getting discharged and going back to school. But her condition turned worse as she had a stroke and was in coma for two days. She passed away at 10:15 AM on Thursday January 27th 2011. Her funeral was held on January 29th 2011, after her sons arrived from the US. Many of her students and well wishers were present to give their last respects to a lady that gave her best and left a mark in this world with her presence.