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 Congratulatory Messages

From: Zubin Mehta - Musician Extraordinaire

My family and I send all of you at the Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi High School our heartfelt congratulations for 150 years of substantial education that you have given not only to our community but also the country. Although we cannot be with you on this wonderful occasion, we are with you in spirit. May you continue your good work in the future.

Zubin Mehta

From: Byram D. Avari - Chairman. Karachi Parsi Anjuman

On behalf of the Karachi Parsi Anjuman Trust Fund, my family and myself, I would like to congratulate the BVS Parsi High School and you on the marvelous achievement of completing 150 years of unparalleled education to the boys of Karachi and Pakistan.

Your school and you have been responsible not only for providing quality education to boys but also for instilling in them basic values - to be kind, polite, well mannered, courteous, and to treat everyone as equals.

I take this opportunity of wishing all your teachers, your Board of Trustees and you in particular, the best of health, happiness, continued success and the strength and courage to keep the Parsi community flag flying for another century.

With kind regards and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Byram D. Avari

From: Bapsi Sidhwa. Internationally Acclaimed Author

My husband Noshir and I congratulate the BVS Parsi High School, and all of you dedicated volunteers associated with it, on the occasion of the school's 150th birthday celebrations.

BVS is the oldest and most prestigious boys school in Karachi and the excellence of the education it offers can be judged from the yearly crush to gain admission to it. As Parsees we are proud of a school that benefits so many young men in Pakistan, and indeed thank Seth Shapurji Soparivala for having had the generosity and foresight to found and build this worthy institution.

Wishing you and the school the very best,

Bapsi Sidhwa

From: Ardeshir Cowasjee. Alumnus & Renowned Columnist

It is said that one’s schooldays are the happiest days of one’s life.

Some disagree.

They may not quite have been my happiest, but they were indeed happy days.

We had the best of teachers, the finest principal, and a wonderful spirit of comradeship amongst all boys of all ages.

The school has come a long way and I congratulate all those who have made it what it is and are today maintaining the high standards we Old Boys expect of our old school.

All the very best to all of you.

Ardeshir Cowasjee

From: Iqbal Fakir Mohammed (FM)

Congratulations to all who helped so many of us reach to the best light. Whenever I think of my days at BVS, it always brings a smile. Thank You and may you have many more.

From: Imran Hemani

My Heartiest Congratulations To The Administration Of B.V.S And To All Virbaijeeites On This auspicious Event... And a Special Congrats To The Great Lady "Mam Mistri" who played a major part in completing 150 years..

B.V.S Towards That Best Light ......

Long Live BVS



From: Albert Lobo (1979)

Congratulations to BVS on its 150th Annniversary. To all the teachers who contributed in making me the person that I am today, very especially Mrs. Mistri, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Also to the class of 1979, Happy 30th Anniversary.

From: Shaheryar Rashid

Happy birthday to you

May you have many more....

I am proud to be a virbaijeeite... I miss my school days..Truly unforgettable moments!!!

Congratulations to Mrs. Mistri and all teachers.

From: Farooq Kasam Basathia

Madam Kermin Parakh,

One Hundred & Fifty Years! What A Milestone and an achievement about which the whole Nation can feel proud of. I would like to convey my heartiest congratulations, felicitations to the Management, Principal, Staff Members and Students (Past & Present) who have brought great laurels to BVS in making it one of the finest educational institutions in Pakistan. I wish you many more glorious years and may the flag of BVS continue to rise higher and higher with each passing day. BVS not only Karachi but the whole of Pakistan is indebted to you for producing illustrious sons of this country. With best wishes and warm regards, Sincerely, (Farooq Kasam Basathia). Senior Manager,

Tata Group of Industries, Karachi. Office: 2426761/2 (Ext:262).

Mobile: (0333) 2313352.

From: Ayesha Islam

We the proud parents of Waseemul Islam, we take this opportunity to wish all Virbaijeeites good luck in all their fields of endeavour. God Bless All Virbaijeeites and specially its Founder and the greatest Principal we knew, Mrs. Deena Mistri and the beloved teacher, Miss Mulla.

Ayesha and Shameemul Islam

Kar. Pak

From: Nauman Tahir

BVS! The Glorious and Beautiful...

May thy name for e'er and e'er resound. I feel so proud to be a Virbaijeeite. To this day, I believe that my days at BVS were the best part of my schooling life.

Madam Mistri and BVS we Salute You!


My heartiest congratulations and prayers and good wishes for BVS.

Madam Mistri once said our boys are transformed in to human beings, responsible citizens and men. Proud to be a Virbaijeeite.

May Allah give a place in eternal heaven to our teachers who are not with us today. MAY Allah give long life to those that strive to serve our school today. Ameen. Best of luck to our beloved school and all Virbaijeeites.

From: Waseem Samad

A journey spanning 150 years is not a mere chapter of history but a legacy which I'm proud to be associated with. My heartiest felicitation to all the Virbaijeeites and especially to all those who made 150 years happen, I salute them all. Keep the BVS flag flying high! - Waseem Samad

From: Tariq Saeed

I am proud to be a Virbaijeeite and I can neither forget the time I have spent in BVS nor the teachers that have grown my personality. I wish I could go back in time to enjoy my school days. I am very happy to see that BVS is celebrating its 150th year and feel myself very lucky to be part of it. I thank Allah and then my parents who have chosen BVS for my studies.

God Bless BVS.

From: Safeer Hussain

Very proud to be a part of BVS. Happy 150th Birthday to BVS. May you have many more.

From: Albert Lobo

Congratulations to BVS for 150 years of excellent education that had been imparted upon us all by great teachers and mentors. I am very proud to be a Virbaijeeite. Congratulations to Mrs. Mistri and all the teachers.

From: Athar Jamil Qadri

My heartfelt congratulations to the management of BVS Parsi High school on completion of its 150 years. I feel proud to be Virbaijeeite and wish all the previous and current staff all the best in coming years.

From: Dr. Nasir Ali Shah Syed

Congratulations BVS. Carry on the good work. I am proud to be a Virbaijeeite

From: Muhammad Ali Ahsan

Many congrats on 150th Anniversary to all VIRBAIJITES especially to all my teachers and administration personnel who work so hard to run this reputed institution at their best and provide us solid base to start our professional career. I also want to congrats my beloved Principal Mrs. Mistri on this occasion.

With Best Wishes,

From: Naim Haroon

It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of such an institution. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

From: asif salehjee

Its good to see that our school is now 150 years old and we are part of this prestigious school. This school has taught us how to stand up in this world. Thank you BVS and I am proud to be a VIRBAIJITE

From: Waquar Bukhari

All my regards and love to those who were the part of BVS and who are currently (acting) part of it.

This institute has given so much to the Nation, that we can be very Proud of being a associated to it. May ALLAH keep it growing and keep it serving to Nation and many new generations.


Waquar Bukhari

From: Nasir Mahmood

Heartfelt Congratulations to BVS Parsi High School on achieving another milestone....Keep the journey towards that best light forever.

From: Godhrawalas

I feel very proud of being a Virbaijeeite. The school has excelled in all areas and now celebrating its 150th anniversary.

My congratulation to all present and past teachers and all my Virbaijeeites worldwide.

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